Full-sync is based on the awesome Ableton Link technology that enables many music applications, computers and mobile devices to play music in the same tempo, like a DJ matching different beats. Polyjamer uses this feature and expands it in to full-sync, which synchronises not only the rhythm of all devices, but will also match the scale, groove and sound preset between all P-Jammers.


To play good sounding (tight) music in a group means that everyone is playing on the same beat, with the same groove and in harmony. When everyone is feeling that the music sounds "together" it feels awesome, and until now this awesomeness was only for musicians. 

How to sync

1. Make sure all devices are connected to the same WIFI network.


2. Make sure Ableton Link is activated.

The "Link" button should be black.

3. Select "play together" from the Main Menu.

Do the same on all devices...

4. If there is no WIFI?

Activate "personal HOTSPOT" on one device (here's how)

and connect all other devices to it.


5. When useing a wireless speaker, use a cable!!!

Connecting through bluetooth can put the device out of sync when P-jamming with a group...


How to know if your'e in sync?

1. If you are the first to start a jam you will be asked to select a style, anyone that joins session after you will be automatically on the same style as you. When ever someone will switch to a different style pack, all linked devices will automatically change to the same style pack.

2. Each device will create its own sound (you will not be able to hear all players on your device). To check that the sync in working properly, hold one finger down in the middle of the screen, at the exact same time on all devices, if the different devices play the notes as if they are one note (with perfect overlap) then that means your devices are synchronised and linked together.